How to Use Vons/Safeway "Just for U"… In Detail!

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I know many of you have come to love the new Vons/Safeway Just for U program as much as I do, but I also realize that it can be confusing and overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it. I’d like to take some time and thoroughly explain Vons Just for U.  I will go into detail more below, but basically Just for U allows you to save extra money & the extra time clipping coupons by giving you the option to add digital manufacturer coupons & digital store coupons to your Vons Club card. The system also tracks the items you buy often and gives you weekly Personalized Deals on many of the items you buy most. It’s a fantastic way to add at least 15-20% extra savings onto your shopping trip and requires no printing or clipping of coupons!
There are 4 Steps to learning Just for U:

Step 1:  Go create an online account if you have not yet. Enter all your info as prompted and make sure you enter your Vons Club card number in the Contact Information section. This is very important since it is your Club Card number that connects your Just for U coupons & deals to your transaction when you shop.
Step 2: If you have an iPhone or Android, consider loading the brand new Vons app to your phone. Just search “Vons” in your app store. All of the Just for U features available online are now available through the app too! It makes shopping so much more convenient and you can even load coupons to your card as you are shopping! Try it out for sure!
Step 3: Learn how to use the 4 main parts of Just for U:
 Coupon Center, Personalized Deals,Your Club Specials and Savings List.
1. Coupon Center
The Coupon Center is where you go to add all digital coupons to your card. In here are store coupons for set-price item coupons and $ off coupons. All coupons are STORE COUPONS though. The coupons are organized by Categories. When in the Coupon Center, on the left side of the screen you’ll see to following categories for coupons:
Show All (156)
Baby Care (6)
Beverages (7)
Bread & Bakery (3)
Breakfast & Cereal (2)
Condiments, Spices & Bake (11)
Cookies, Snacks & Candy (4)
Dairy, Eggs & Cheese (10)
Deli (1)
Frozen Foods (6)
Fruits & Vegetables (6)
Grains, Pasta & Sides (1)
Meat & Seafood (10)
Paper, Cleaning & Home (27)
Personal Care & Health (41)
Pet Care (9)
Wine, Beer & Spirits (12)
Each category is a link that you can click on to take you to just those types of items. The numbers next to each category are the current number of coupons available in that category. Each week, I click on each category to select the items I want to add to my card. Its too overwhelming to look at the “Show All” and see all 150+ coupons all mixed up!
Set-Price Coupons are coupons for a set price for an item (ex. $1.88 Yoplait Go-Gurt)
Set-Price Store Coupon

A set-price store coupon will give you that item for that special price (and the price is ONLY available if you the load the coupon to your card). Many of these store coupons are also available in the weekly ads that you can clip out and use, but you’ll find that even MORE store coupons are available in the Coupon Center than in the ad.


These Store Coupons are for a $x.xx off amount (ex. $1.25 off I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter). You will see  coupons for BOTH store-brand items and name-brand items. A $ off coupon gives you that $ amount off an item, just as a paper coupon works.

Manufacturer Coupon for Name-Brand Item
Manufacturer Coupon for Store-Brand Item
Be sure look for Limits on both types of coupons too because often you can use the coupon for more than one of the same item. For example, in the Yoplait Go-Gurt above, you see a Limit 3 which means you can buy a total of 3 of these at $1.88 in one transaction and the $.50 off Lucerne Milk coupon has just a Limit of 1. The I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter coupon though does NOT list a limit, so you can  buy multiples of this item and the coupon will come off multiple times! The “One-Time” simply means you can only use this coupon in ONE transaction though.
—-> MONEY-SAVING TIP: To save the MOST money, our goal is to match up all the above types of Store Coupons with Manufacturer Coupons. This is called “stacking” coupons. For example, if we want to buy the $1.88 Yoplait Go-Gurt above, we can get an even better deal by also using a digital manufacturer coupon too (through Just for U). If you load both coupons to your card, the register will take off BOTH coupons! Or, of course, you can always use a paper manufacturer coupon (either found in newspapers or printable coupon online) instead of a digital one if a digital manufacturer coupon isn’t available. Most of my deals are done by using a digital Store Coupon + a paper manufacturer coupon. NEW (Updated 9/15): This is a recent change in policy that I didn’t realized until now. Now that all J4U e-coupon are considered “Store Coupons”, you can also use a J4U e-coupons AND a paper manufacturer coupon for ONE ITEM! For example, if you have a J4U e-coupon for $1.00 off Heinz Ketchup AND a paper $1.00 off Heinz Ketchup manufactuer coupon, you can now use BOTH on 1 single Heinz Ketchup. Since the e-coupon is consider a store coupon and the paper coupon is a manufacture coupon, you can “stack” these and use them together.
—-> BONUS:  One of my favorite parts of Just for U is that you can now “stack” even store-brand items like Lucerne, Safeway brand, Open Nature, etc. If you happen to see a set-price coupon for an store-brand item AND a $x.xx off coupon for the same item, if you load both to your card, the register will take off BOTH coupons – allowing you to “stack” the coupons. For example, recently we saw a digital store set-price coupon for $.99 for Safeway Ketchup. There was also a $.50 off Safeway Ketchup digital store coupon. I added both of these to my card and the register used BOTH coupons giving me Safeway Ketchup for just $.49 each! Super deals on store brand items like this haven’t been possible really before Just for U!
2. Personalized Deals
The second major part of Just for U is the Personalized Deals section. Here,Vons offers you personal set-price coupons on many of the items you buy often, as well as other items you might be interested in based off of your shopping history. Typically these prices are available ONLY to you, though others may sometimes get the same prices offered to them also. You will get offers for store-brand items as well as name-brand items and even great prices on produce & meat!
Store-Brand Personalized Price Coupon
Brand-name Personalized Price Coupon
In this section, Vons compares the Personalized Price they have given you to either their Regular Price (if its a store-brand item) or a local store’s price (if a name-brand item). Its a good way to check and see how good of an offer it really is!
As with other Store Coupons, you can “stack” a manufacturer coupon (either digital or paper) with these Personalized Price coupons. Doing this will get you the BEST deals!
You will notice all the coupons available in Just for U say either “One-Time” or “Unlimited”. All Store Coupons (except for Personalized Price coupons) will state “One-Time” in blue on the coupon. This means you can use the coupon in just one transaction and once used, it will be automatically removed from your account. However, if NO Limit is mentioned on the coupon, you can buy multiples of this item in one transaction and the coupon will come off multiple times. But if there IS a Limit on the coupon (ex. Limit 3), you can only buy a specified number of that time. Now on Personalized Price coupons, most of them say “Unlimited” in red. This means you can use this coupon on an unlimited number of shopping trips or transactions. However, some of them also have a Limit on the coupon (ex. Limit 3). This means you can only purchase 3 per transaction, but if you want to come back later or the next day and buy the deal again, you can, as long as it says “Unlimited” on the coupon!
To be honest, I don’t use this section very often. The Your Club Specials sections simply shows you the current price of many of the items you have a history of purchasing. Sometimes its useful, but its just a small selection of your purchase history. Check it out and see if it helps you!
The Savings List section is where you go to see everything you’ve loaded to your card. All items are categorized so you can find them easily. From here you can also customize your shopping list, print it out and take it to the store with you. Simply check the items you want in your list and un-check the ones you do not want on your list. To make a note of other items you need to buy, click the “Add Items to List” to enter those items and then you can print our your complete shopping list. This is a great reference for me so I can be sure I remember what digital coupons I have loaded and what deals I want to take advantage of.
Step 4: Each Wednesday, visit the Vons/Safeway section of my blog to see the week’s best deals, along with the coupons to use with these deals! I will always point out great digital Just for U coupons that you should add along with all the great deals of the week! Make sure to check your Vons Coupon Center & Personalized deals EACH WEEK! New coupons are posted each Wednesday and sometimes various other times during the week.
Hopefully this has helped you to understand Just for U a bit better now. It is still a lot of information and take some practice. I still mess up sometimes, but as with anything related to couponing, the time it takes to make the deals work is worth it when you see your savings. Thanks to Just for U, most of my shopping trips have a 60% savings or more! The work is worth it, believe me, but I do hope I can help make it easier for you!


  1. Melanie says

    Thank you for such an informative, detailed post. I’m brand new to California & Vons. I’m eager to learn how to maximize grocery savings for my family. Your post will certainly help me in that endeavor, and your site will be an ongoing resource for me. Do you know if there’s a way to get the Vons app to work on a blackberry?

  2. Anonymous says

    what is the difference in their coupons that say save $1.00 off, and $1.00 off

    Kellogg’s , on any THREE Kellogg’s® Apple Jack®, Corn Pops® and/or Froot Loops® Cereals (8.7 oz. or Larger, Any… Save $1.00 Coupon
    One-time 8/13/2012- 9/30/2012 Remove

    Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes , 10.5oz or Raisin Bran 18.7oz Cereal $1.00 Off Coupon
    One-time 9/12/2012- 9/18/2012 Remove

    • says

      I’m honestly not sure. Other store, like Target, when they use different wording, it often means one is a store coupon and the other is a manufacturer coupon. I don’t think this is the case with Vons though. On their receipts, all of the J4U coupons show as “J4U Store e-Coupon”. I interpret this as meaning they are ALL store coupons. I’m not sure this helps, but from my experience, they all work the same, no matter how they are worded. See my “update” above… I just discovered that J4U e-Coupons CAN be used with manufacturer coupons now on a single item!

  3. Anonymous says

    Lately I have not been able to add a coupon to my coupon card, when I click on the item nothing happens. Is this a Vons website issue or a computer settings issue?

    • says

      I would definitely contact Vons customer service. They have a number online you can call and they’re very helpful usually. I haven’t had any issues so I’m not sure what else to suggest. Hope you get it figured out!

  4. Jamie Ta says

    Hi Jaime,

    I’m searching through the Just 4 U deals right now and I noticed that a lot of the loadable deals are the same as some of the printable coupons from Can you confirm that all of these Just 4 U deals are in fact store coupons and I am still able to stack a paper manufacturer coupon with this Just 4 U deal added to my club card? Has there ever been an instance where the store hasn’t allowed you to use both Just 4 U deal with your manu coupon?


    • says

      Hi Jamie,
      The Just for U coupons are a mix of store and manufacturer coupons. Vons/Safeway make it a bit tricky to know which are which though. Here’s how you tell the difference. Store coupons are listed either as a sale price for the item ($1.99 EACH) or they use the word OFF ($1.00 OFF). Manufacturer coupons will use the word SAVE (Save $1.00). So if a J4U coupon has a sale price or uses the word OFF, you can use a printable manufacturer coupon with it. Hope this helps!

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